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SibEnzyme (Siberian Enzyme, SE), is a privately owned Russian company, located in the Academtown near Novosibirsk city – the capital of Siberia and a geographical center of Russia. SibEnzyme’s primary focus is on research, development and production of enzymes and other related products for molecular biology and genetic engineering. SE product line includes more than 200 enzymes and several perfect DNA ladders.

Our team consists of highly qualified scientists, with over 15 years of experience working with enzymes. SE also closely collaborates with various Academtown’s scientific institutions and Novosibirsk State University in areas of life sciences, chemistry, and biotechnology. This extended level of expertise is the main reason behind high quality of our products, and is the foundation for continuous new product development. Please visit our Online Scientific Library for listing of last SE research publications on the following links:

English version
Russian version

Most of the enzymes found in the SE catalogue have been discovered and characterized at SibEnzyme Ltd. Our enzymes can also be found in catalogues of leading biotech companies (Sigma, Roche Diagnostics, Promega, etc.). SibEnzyme Ltd currently has three distribution centers in Russia. SE products are also distributed directly to end-users through our affiliate company in the North American region (SibEnzyme US, LLC). Please visit the following web sites for further information on all companies:

SibEnzyme Ltd. (Russian version)
SibEnzyme Ltd. (English version)
SibEnzyme US, LLC


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